~ Feminine Embodiment Ceremonies ~

Join me as we create a sacred support of rising to our wholeness.

So often we forget we are the Universe expressing itself in human form, we are Divine, we are Goddesses (myself included!).

As we journey together, I am here to remind you!

My plan for this sacred group & ceremonies is a..

  • Re ~ membering of our own Feminine Power.

  • Re ~ connecting with our sense of wholeness.

  • Re ~ leasing binds & self-limiting beliefs.


Over the last year I have experienced & held ceremonies/workshops mostly for the feminine. Through these journey's it has become clear we hold ourselves back far too much, in the fear of being too much (again myself included!)!

The result ~ we don't step into our wholeness & into our beautiful potential!


Through my offerings I want to ignite that potential, that inner strength, the stepping away from the retraction of expression to embody our Feminine power.


Each month will be different & I work very much with my intuition, feeling into what the sacred group of the month need, but each month you will feel that expansion & a deeper remembering of your true nature.


We are co-creating a sacred group with the option of joining for 3 months to really dive deep or  for a one off ceremony.

If you join for the 3 months, you will be gifted ~

  • a 90-120 min live Ceremony/workshop each month.
    Gathering within our scared group to rise together.
    The ceremony will include a combination of - Conscious Journaling, Releasing Movement/Free Flow Dance, Chakra awareness & activation, Music, Breath work, Meditation, Ritual, EFT, Reiki, Deep relaxation & always Lots of love!

You will receive the recording (held on Zoom) to journey with again or anytime during that month & a follow up email of love & support.

  • A Universal card reading for the month - as I tune into you & what you need to hear as well as a suggested Sankalpa/Intention.

  • New Moon & Full Moon Journal prompts.

  • A dance out track each month to get your body & Shakti moving!

  • The support of our sacred circle & my connection anytime you want to reach out as we aim to raise our light as well as Universal light.


~ Next live Ceremony Date will be Sunday 5th December as we connect to the Super New Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius

These will be different each month as we feel into the energy. If you cannot be present live, you will receive a recording the same evening as the ceremony is held..

I will be limiting the number of spaces to keep a beautiful connection.



3 Months; You will be gifted all the above for 3 months AND ..

  • A choice of a 30 min offering ~ This could be a Guided Meditation, Yoga Nidra or Reiki, I will feel into what I am being called to offer that quarter.

  • A personal monthly check in.

  • 25% off 1:2:1 offerings

  • 10% off Retreats/other Workshops

for the exchange of £55



Ceremony Only.

The Dec ceremony will be held on Sunday 5th Dec 7:30-9:15/30pm

for the exchange of £18


Booking in Dec is possible until the 5th of Dec~ 5pm.

Booking is possible either here on Eventbrite with Paypal or should you not have paypal with Bacs.

Payment details ~

Joanne Merlini




I would so love you to bring your beautiful energy to co-create this rising together.

Please reach out if you have any questions.

Much love & let's rise sister!

Jo xx


But don't just take my word for it, here are some of the beautiful messages I have received afterwards..

"Woken up with sooo much energy & positivity & a zesty feelings that I can't remember feeling for...
Who knows how long. Wow, thank you sooo much for last night, beautiful beyond words!"
~ C

"Jo you have a lovely energy. It was so restorative & relaxing. I felt really held"

~ M


"Thank you so much for the love, energy & light you radiate, not to mention your wisdom & all the offerings.. I was so uplifted by the whole evening."

~ L

"I really enjoyed my first workshop. It felt a sensory experience with the lights, music & essential oils. I found it really beautiful. Thank you."

~ S