I believe Yoga can be fun & also have profound effects on many levels.
In the Transformational Yoga workshops we work with many techniques to release blocks in the physical body & by doing so, often find emotional, mental & heart releases too, bringing us back to that feeling of wholeness.
Does this resonate with you?
This is a unique style of Yoga combining Asana, Pranayama, Mantra, Meditation, sometimes Yoga Nidra, occasionally a little dancing & always some fun!
My workshops are open to all abilities, no experience necessary.
With techniques to take home with you, you will leave these workshops with a sense of calm, feeling energised, clear & purposeful.









'The New Year Release & Nourish Sunday Yoga Workshop'

SUNDAY 19th JAN 2020

@Miller's Yard, Gillygate, York

10.00 - 13:00


4 Spaces Available..

This ½ Day ‘New Year Release & Nourish’ workshop will give invite you to step into the new decade energised & expansive. 

- Embracing our natural flow through asana, breath work & body awareness.
- Chakra Connections & Releasing techniques

- Gathering scattered energy, New Year Intentions, Meditations & Mantra
- Time for deep rest to nourish in body & in mind


..and always lots of love.

With a pause for a nourishing cuppa & a few festive snacks,
you will leave the day feeling centred & calm & ready for the festive season.
                  Suitable for all levels & everything provided.





























'The Feel the Love Transformational Sunday Yoga Workshop'

SUNDAY 9th FEB 2020

@York Yoga Studio, York

10.00 - 13:00



A Beautiful Valentine’s Heart based Yoga & Meditation Workshop to connect with you your heart, the Anahata Chakra & the centre of love for others, but most importantly your self.

This workshop will explore many aspects of THY

- Heart Opening Asana’s
- Flowing sequences
- Mantra's to connect with our hearts
- Heart Meditations
- Heart Connections & with our hearts desire
..and always lots of love.

As we slow down towards the end of our workshop -
a yummy Chocolate (or Strawberry) Meditation
Yoga Nidra (conscious relaxation)
You will leave the day feeling energised, calm & centred – the ‘You time’ you deserve,
eeling more love for the world, but most importantly you!

       Suitable for all levels & everything provided.

The Transformational Yoga & Meditation Urban Day Retreat

SUNDAY 29th MARCH 2020

10:30am - 4pm



Connecting with our body, mind & spirit as we transition into the Spring season, encouraging ourselves to blossom & flourish.

As the clocks go forward, so do we. Stepping into the season together, with openness & intention.


A powerful blend of Classical Asana, Pranayama, Mantra, Releasing Raja Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Meditation & Mindfulness.

​This full day workshop is being held in the most amazing space - a wonderful yurt on the outskirts of the York ring road (Wiggington Road).

The space has sofa's to relax, a beautiful wooden floor, heating, is lit by a dome & as the light fades, with fairy lights. It feels truly magical!

Arrive by 10:15 to settle in and enjoy a social cup of herbal tea.

The day workshop will explore many elements of Transformational Yoga & include,


- A morning of opening postures after the season of hibernation.

- Re-birthing as we embrace Spring & gently open to what may be.

- Releasing Shakti Music & Dance.

- Touches of Reiki.

- Classic asana & pranayama as we flow into the season.

- Body/Breath Connections.

- Energy awareness techniques.

- Mudra, Mantra & Meditations.

​- A yummy, healthy lunch & herbal teas.

- Releasing techniques to invoke calm.

​- An afternoon of stillness, heart connections & Yoga Nidra (conscious sleep)

- Deep rest to call back scattered energy & call in our inner light.


- Always lots of love...

You will leave the day feeling balanced & expansive after spending a day of 'you time'

Investment - £65 to include a healthy lunch & teas

(Non-refundable deposit of £25 secures your space)

Suitable for all & plenty of parking, should you be driving.

Limited to 12 - Contact me to book your space.


Don't just take my word for it...

"Jo you have a lovely energy. It was so restorative & relaxing. I felt really held"

- Mandy


"I love your Yoga style Jo! Time goes so fast during your classes. Everything was perfect"

- T​

"I really enjoyed my first workshop. It felt a sensory experience with the lights, music & essential oils. I found it really beautiful. Thank you."

- Sophie

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