All events currently held online

Friday Evening Meditation ~ Invoking Calm & Stillness
..and Breathe!

8-8:30pm via Zoom


An invitation to end the week invoking some calm & clarity to our minds.

We will gently open this 30 min Meditation by grounding & arriving into our space.

Journeying into stillness & the parasympathetic nervous system, to encourage ourselves to surrender into a space of peace & calm, where the magic begins.

The event will be held on Zoom, there will be no sharing & you are welcome to come with your video's off, relaxed in your own space ~ as you are (PJ's welcome).

However you arrive you will be held in love & support as we invite in a deep state of relaxation.

Investment ~ £4 + small Eventbrite Admin fee

No promises, but I have been known to invoke peaceful & nourishing post event sleeps!

I would love you to join me.

Much love

Jo xx

Full Moon ILLUMINATION Wellness Ceremony ~ Fri 29th January 7 - 8:30pm

Harness the energy of this powerful first Full Moon of 2021 to manifest an amazing year.


After months of going deep on a light workers journey during lock down, visiting my own darkness, my own triggers & finding ways I can come to centre & heal (I am a work in progress!), I felt called to step up & share my latest birthing ~ 'Transform to Bliss Wellness Ceremonies'

I believe we all have the ability to reconnect to our happy, healthy & heart led selves, but sometimes (often) we can feel disconnected from this.

In these offerings we work with various techniques to release blockages & those spaces we feel stuck, this may be in the physical body, although often in the emotions or mind, encouraging a return to that feeling of wholeness.

This Transform to Bliss Wellness Event will harness the power of the first Full Moon to Illuminate our path through the year & celebrate the moment.


The investment for the ceremonies ~

Full Moon: £11 + small eventbrite charge

& will be held on Zoom from the comfort of our own space, yet together in ceremony to support our wholeness.

You will be invited to feel into what feels right for you, whether that is camera on or off, all is welcome! You will also be muted unless you feel you would like to share.

It will be a beautiful way to spend your Friday evening, in connection & in community.


I will combine my training as a Transformational Yoga Teacher with other healing modalities I have experienced or been trained.


Each workshop will be different & may include ~

Transformational Yoga in the form of free flow & Pranayama

Atma Vijara - Self enquiry & Journaling

Seasonal awareness & Ayurveda

Releasing Shamanic practices

Moon & Element connections

Reiki & EFT

Dance & free flow

Sound healing


Guided meditations


Each time I will feel into what is needed, so this will be intuitive as I open to channel what I feel called to offer.

This is something I am so passionate about & have spent the last few months birthing.


​Each session you will receive a follow up message with some take away's you can use throughout the fortnight so we can really experience the transformation.

Please click below to book & feel free to email me for more info~

Much love & light

Jo xx


But don't just take my word for it, here are some of the beautiful messages I have received afterwards..

"Woken up with sooo much energy & positivity & a zesty feelings that I can't remember feeling for...
Who knows how long. Wow, thank you sooo much for last night, beautiful beyond words!"
~ C

"Jo you have a lovely energy. It was so restorative & relaxing. I felt really held"

~ M


"Thank you so much for the love, energy & light you radiate, not to mention your wisdom & all the offerings.. I was so uplifted by the whole evening."

~ L

"I really enjoyed my first workshop. It felt a sensory experience with the lights, music & essential oils. I found it really beautiful. Thank you."

~ S

Yoga.. but not as you know it!

2019 Joanne Merlini - Transformational Yoga