Currently held online



I will work with you, meeting you as you are. 

Providing Presence, love & guidance. 

I will feel in intuitively & draw on all my tools, of Yoga, Healing, Light working & ritual to hold you in space & being a channel for guidance towards your highest good. 

Some of my tools may include Reiki, EFT, Sound, Meditation, Breath work & conscious journaling.

This may be guidance for your wellness, your work, your relationships, your life direction.

I will lovingly work with the intention to guide you back to a more balanced state of body & mind to facilitate clarity & calm.  

I am trained in ~

  • Reiki Level II

  • EFT ~ Emotional Freedom Technique, also known as tapping

  • Meditation (to G.Master level)

My work is intuitive & all I ask is you arrive with an open heart, willing to receive what is needed. 


Reiki works with energy & delivers what you need, where you need it. 
Sometimes it is a deep sense of relaxation, sometimes energising. 
It can invoke releasing of emotions, sometimes felt physically & can connect you to your higher self. 
As energy is Universal, this can be sent with intention from anywhere & from distance

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), also known as Tapping, works with specific acupressure points to offer healing from emotional & physical pain working with the energy channels of the body.
It can reduce anxiety, stress, depression & pain/restriction within the physical body. 

It draws on various techniques including acupressure, NLP & energy work. 

You will receive an initial consultation form & our healing will be held distantly in the comfort & privacy of your own home at a time that suits you. 


Light a candle, rest in a sacred space & get cosy & be open to what is being channeled. 


I usually charge £55 for 1hr in person session, but working online, I am offering this for£20/ 30min session or £35/60mins.

There is nothing you need to do, just rest & receive.

Please contact me to enquire how we can bring some balance & calm to your body, mind & emotions, 

Much love

Jo xx