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New to Transform to Bliss..


Day Retreats

4 elements of Magic

4 loving space holders
Nourishing lunch


Join us through the Summer for one of our Monthly Day Retreats
An opportunity to connect deeper to yourself, to the moment, 
to stillness & to bliss.
An invitation to come home to you. 

Friday 30th June
Sunday 30th July
Friday 25th August
Saturday 30th September

Imagine this..

You arrive with us for 9am. 
Landing into our beautiful tranquil Transform to Bliss Studio, nestled in nature, gardens, flowers..

You are held in love throughout a nourishing day that invites in slowly, lovingly, a return to yourself, a coming home, a Transformation to your true nature, to Bliss. 

We are 4 female facilitators coming together to host a magical day to take you on a journey of releasing, of joy, of connection & of love. 

Leaving at the end of the day, held, heart full & connected to yourself. 

Timings (approx)

9 am Opening Circle

9:30 Transformational Releasing Yoga with Joanne

11 am Breath work with Maaike

1 pm Nourishing lunch

2:30 pm Cacao & Wild Woman Dance with Paula
4:30 pm Shamanic Journey with Mila

6:30 pm Closing Circle / Walk of Angels



111 Euro
includes lunch & cacao



Read more about us..

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Bringing our unique offerings together...

Mila image.jpeg

New to our studio..

Shamanic Journey
Conscious Friday 
26th May /  7-9:30pm

Are you ready to embark on a journey that will awaken your senses and leave you feeling truly blissful? Join Mila Aluna for an unforgettable 2.5-hour shamanic journey filled with free-flowing movement, circular breathing, a shamanic soundscape, and the magical resonance of crystal singing bowls.

We'll start by setting powerful intentions in a sacred ceremony, connecting with our spiritual hearts and feeling grounded to the earth and connected to our higher selves. Then, we'll dive into an invigorating movement practice that will awaken every cell of our being, igniting our energy centers and allowing us to move in harmony with the elements.

As we continue with the circular breath, Mila will channel her angelic voice, singing medicine songs and channeled healing prayers to help guide us deeper into the healing process. And the shamanic soundscape she creates with her shamanic drum, ukelele, shakers, and voice will transport us to another realm, allowing us to explore the deepest layers of our subconsciousness.

And just when you thought it couldn't get any better, we'll end our journey with a divine crystal singing bowl sound bath that will leave you feeling completely rejuvenated and at peace.

This conscious Friday night event will take place on May 26th in the evening at the Transform to Bliss studio.

Exchange ~ 30 euro.


Connect with your truest essence and find harmony within yourself and the world around you with Mila, recently returning from holding space at 'Eagle's Nest' in Guatamala. 
We're in for a treat!

Read more about Mila

Intuitive movement class.png

EMBODIMENT OF ELEMENTS: Intuitive Movement Class
FRIDAYS 10:30am-12pm 

Embodiment of Elements is an intuitive movement class that invites you to explore your body's natural rhythms and movements in connection with the elements of earth, water, fire, air, and ether. Through guided improvisational exercises, breathwork, and creative movement, you will cultivate a deeper awareness and connection with your body, mind, and spirit.

This class is designed for all levels and offers a safe and supportive space to express yourself freely, tap into your inner wisdom, and connect with the elemental forces that shape our world.

Come join us and discover the joy and power of embodied movement.
10:30 to 12:00 am

Contact Paula for bookings at +351 933821554

Transformational Breathwork
Release & Recharge

Sundays 6-8pm
Morning session coming soon!

In this conscious connected breathing journey on music, you may experience physical sensations, emotions, or insights that can lead to a better understanding of yourself and your experiences. 


Join Maaike, NLP-coach & breath work facilitator in this Transformative practice. 

The Sunday sessions are designed to help you let go of what no longer serves you and invite in what you need to move forward with more joy and peace.


Sunday 6-8pm

Message Maaike to reserve your space +32 487465358

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