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Your Health is your Wealth!

At Transform to Bliss we offer practices, classes & workshops to bring you to your centre, to your born state of 'Bliss', Andanda. We are meant to live in a state of health. This balance of body, mind and spirit is possible through Ayurveda.

Ayurveda, an ancient Indian system of natural healing focused on providing balance to body and mind through therapies, guidance & plant based remedies. 

Marco offers Ayurvedic consultations and therapies. He uses pulse diagnosis, remedies, lifestyle and nutrition advice as well as various types of massage and shirodhara - 'Shiro' (head) 'Dhara' (flow) is a slow oil flow on the forehead. To induce relaxation, sleep quality, reduce stress & invite in calm body & mind. 

Treatments ~

*  Consultations €75 - 1.15 hour

* Abhyanga, Marma & Chakra full body massage with medicinal oil

€120 - 2 hrs (includes 15-25 minutes consultation) 

* Turkish Steam bath treatment with fresh herbs and precious stones - €20 - 20 minute

* Shirodhara €40 - 20 minute

(Please note: Treatments can be combined but must be in recommended order)

Offerings ~ 

Marco offers Ayurvedic Talks.  Watch our reserve page for the next talks. 

What’s included? 

2 hour talk about your body, mind and soul from Ayurvedic perspective led by your personal questions answered in a group setting by Marco.

Find out what the vata, pitta and kapha dosha really are and how they impact your life. 

A cup of Ayurvedic tea

Possibility to purchase some Ayurvedic herbs recommended by Marco for your individual constitution.

Some recipe recommendations


€15 per person

About Marco

Marco discovered the powerful system of Ayurveda whilst in Sri Lanka.
Having experienced a Panchkarma (5 cleanses over 3 weeks), he felt a sense of re-birth & committed to bringing more awareness to this system in the West & thus began his journey in Ayurveda.
Going deeper each time he went to Sri Lanka & India, training with a Sri Lankan Dr whilst undergoing treatments & hosting video interviews to share the journey & the training with others.


2 years at the Ayurvedic Institute in London
Training under Dr Deepika Rodrigo & her team of female doctors who have all studied both Western medicine & Ayurveda.

Certified through the institute to hold Ayurvedic consultations & perform Ayurvedic treatments. 

Prescriptions of mostly herbal remedies may be part of the treatment program.
The herbal remedies prescribed are grown & made in Sri Lanka & India according the ancient recipes & have no negative side effects.
Only well respected manufacturers are used to make sure the quality of the remedies are of the highest quality.


Marco also uses Mantra to further empower the action of the remedies. 

Before all treatments Marco holds a 15-25 minutes consultation in order to establish which oils & massage technique is recommended. 

Through the physical treatments the body will go into a very relaxed state and all channels become open allowing the body recalibrate with the help of the medicinal oils.

To ask any questions & to reserve your consultation or treatment ~ +44 7540 050238

Marco is half Dutch, half Italian. Fluent in English, Dutch & able to converse in German, Italian & French.

Contact Marco to support your health..

Get in touch so we can start working together.

+44 7540 050238

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