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At Transform to Bliss, we bring a weekly dose of 'Bliss', Ananda, with our Kirtan group. Kirtan is  Bhakti Yoga, a beautiful heart opening expressive form of devotion from the heart. 


Kirtan is a call-and-response chant that involves singing verses from ancient Sanskrit texts, accompanied by musical instruments such as drums, harmoniums, cymbals & in our space, the talented Johnny from Kior Sound Healing on the guitar The repetition of these verses can induce a deep meditative state, allowing connection with the divine
.Join the amazing musicians that are Anna, Johnny & JB & our beautiful Kirtan community each Wednesday evening as the sun goes down in the studio.

We'll connect to powerful Mantra, to one another & to ourselves.

This transformative heart opening practice needs no 'perfect voice' or previous experience.

Just arrive as you are, open your heart & feel the connection.

Feel free to bring children (no dogs please), a cushion & your contribution of 10-20 Euro for this amazing experience.

Our Kirtan group wouldn't be possible without the loving guidance & creation of Marion Saraswati who brought us together in love, in voice & whose light we continue since her passing in 2021. 
Saraswati Kirtan lives on in her honour & deep gratitude. 


​No booking required.


If you are travelling from far & are not on the local kirtan group app, please message to confirm the event is taking place

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