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Transformational Yoga
Teacher Training

Message to enquire
2024/25 dates released .. see below

200hr International Teaching Certification accredited by YAI
100hr CPD or personal development


17nd - 22nd September


Join us to begin or deepen your Yoga Teacher journey..



What is Transformational Yoga? 


With its roots in South India, Transformational yoga® is a powerful integral classical practice synthesising the schools of Hatha, Tantra Raja, Bhakti, Jnana & Kundalini to encourage a rising to our potential, our unique expression, our Divine. Integrating them into the philosophy that “All life is yoga” (Sri Aurobindo)

The techniques of Transformational include, 




Yoga Nidra

& other forms or relaxation

   This beautiful combination encourages an opening & awareness in our physical body, whilst subtly helping our mind & emotions to be calm & present to encourage an open-ness in our hearts & a deeper connection to Self, to our higher consciousness.

A freedom in our bodies & minds is found by purifying the toxins within the 5 layers of our bodies, the 7 chakras, to awaken our dormant energy (Kundalini) working at a deep level to remove stagnant energy to rise to our true nature - Bliss, Anand.

 Transformational Yoga is based on the integral teachings of Sri Aurobindo & The Mother who inspired Sri Swami Vidyanand to create this powerful system.

Both Joanne & Jeni trained directly with this remowned Yoga Master in the South of India.

 "Transformational Yoga is a means to relax, clean & awaken all 7 chakras through Yogasana, Pranayama, Mantra & Meditation"

Swami Vidyanand

Who are your teachers? 


Joanne Merlini  (Jitendra Mayee) - Lead Teacher & owner of Transform to Bliss

Jennifer Louise Ayodele - Assistant & virtual 

Marco Merlini - Ayurvedic Practitioner

Led by 2 senior Transformational Yoga teachers in Joanne's 'Transform to Bliss' Studio
in the Southern Algarve area of Portugal.






Message us to be on the wait list.. 

Options of

  • 100 or 200 hour

  • Residential or non residential

100 Hours (Exploring Transformational Yoga, Self transformation & receiving CPD of 100 hrs for fully qualified Yoga teachers)

(9 days, 8 nights)

Nov 2024 11th - 17th

Feb 2025 3rd - 5th

Non residential from €1850

Residential from €2165

200 Hours (Full Teaching Certification) (Optional Ceremonial Guide certification)

(19 days, 18 nights)

Nov 2024 11th - 17th
Feb 2025 3rd - 9th

March 2025 9 - 15th

Non residential from €2600

Residential from €3230

Dates split over 3 different months for ease of joining

Week 1: November 2024

Week 2: February 2025

Week 3: March 2025

Additional virtual classes may take place outside of these times.
Includes brunch, dinner & teas during teaching days. 

Prices may vary dependent on room choice (solo or shared)

Spaces limited for a personal journey

To reserve your space, a non refundable €250 deposit is required following your initial enquiry & application .


2 further payments due throughout the year

**Payment plans available

A typical day of Teacher Training with us 

Daily Schedule (may vary)

  • 07:30 - 08:15 Morning meditation, mantra chanting (studio or cliff tops with ocean views)

  • 08:30 - 09:45 Asanas, pranayama, deep relaxation

  • 10:00 - 10:45 Brunch

  • 11:30 – 13:00 Teachings, workshop

  • 13:00 - 15:00 Self practice, reading

  • 15:00 - 16:30 Teaching techniques in small groups

  • 17:00 –17:45 Dinner

  • 18:00 - 19:30 Asanas, pranayama, deep relaxation, kirtan

  • 20:30 – 21:15 Evening meditation, mantra chanting, film (possibly cliff tops, beaches or studio)



With one day off a week to enjoy the beaches, explore the area, study, & relax.

Or enjoy the 3 swimming pools, surfing, Stand up Paddle, a game of tennis or a clifftop walk..

We are 15 mins walk from the closest sandy beach & village.. so many options.




Why us?

  • You will be fully supported by us through your training having trained directly with Sri Swami Vidyanand in India.


  • The Transformational Yoga System brings Pranayam, Mantra & Meditation into the Asana practice to give a powerful purification to the system.
    Honouring the ancient classical roots of Yoga & integrating powerful practices.



  • We offer Ayurveda workshops, consultations & massage to support your connection to Bliss


  • Our studio hosts regular Kirtan groups (mantra chating/Bhakti), satsang, breathwork,
    cacao dance & ceremonies with other facilitators. Some of our training, you will experience these classes, to give you other perspectives on your YTT journey.



  • Our location is breath taking.
    We will take your training to the beach, experience sunrise & sunset sessions on the cliffs,
    melt into ocean savasanas.. in the words of Swami Vidyanand 'Everything is possible!'


  • Our training is conveniently split over 3 separate weeks, avoiding the need to take a month from work/life/family. 
    Week 1: November 2024
    Week 2: February 2025
    Week 3: March 2025



  • You will also receive training in holding ceremony (Moon Ceremonies, Women's Circles, etc if you wish to include this - likely to be in week 2, tbd)


  • You will leave with knowledge of how to run retreats & how to run a business, as well as teach online.


  • If you are joining the 200 hr, you will receive a 200 hr Certification so you can begin your teaching journey,
    a supportive Manual, the 'bible' of Yoga teaching & a Rudraksha Mala blessed in the Ganges.

This course is for practitioners who have had a consistent yoga practice for 1 year or more.


We are so happy to offer our Teacher training in the expansive space of the Algarve.
Our Studio is surrounded by lush nature gardens & a few minutes walk from the ocean & from your accommodation.
(Shared with 1 other ~ singles also available, please ask)

In the lush gardens of The Quinta do Mar da Luz overlooking the

Ocean in the South West of the Algarve.

Quinta Do Mar da Luz translates to Light & Ocean Country Estate.

From the palm tree grounds there are views to the blue ocean & breath taking walks along the cliffs & beautiful light!

The gardens have the feel of Bali or Thailand, beautiful flowers, palm trees, banana trees & exotic birds singing at sunset.

We are within walking distance of the fishermen villages of Luz & Burgau with sandy beaches & cafe's & restaurants.
Within 1 hrs drive of Faro airport.

There are walking trails from villages to villages (known as the Fisherman trails) along the coastline, the choice of some amazing secluded coves, sandy beaches & so much nature & beauty all around.

You will stay in a bungalow/apartment or a Portuguese style room, with a terrace or balcony with one other (solo rooms are available, please ask for pricing)

The extensive grounds are perfect to sit and absorb your teachings, with 3 swimming pools to choose from, a tennis court & different terraces & cabanas to relax & enjoy the sun going down.


The 'Transform to Bliss' light filled Studio has garden views where we offer most sessions & ceremonies  

We also have the option of the outdoor wooden Yoga Shala with sea views for the occasional practice.

We may bring some of our practices to the cliffs for sunset & on the beach, which are minutes away from the Quinta.


A beautiful nature connected environment to support you in that transformation of Self to your original state of bliss, connecting with the ancient teachings so we can be of service as we are guided how to offer this to others. 

WhatsApp Image 2023-06-05 at 12.19.13 (1).jpeg

What else you have the opportunity of  experiencing




At Transform to Bliss, we bring a weekly dose of 'Bliss', Ananda, with our Kirtan group. Kirtan is Bhakti Yoga, a beautiful heart opening expressive form of devotion from the heart. 


Kirtan is a call-and-response chant that involves singing verses from ancient Sanskrit texts, accompanied by musical instruments such as drums, harmoniums, cymbals. The repetition of these verses can induce a deep meditative state, allowing connection with the divine

This transformative heart opening practice needs no 'perfect voice' or previous experience & will connect you deeper to the truth of Yoga.



Joanne small-47.jpg

Meditation is the aim of our Yoga, to bring us to stillness, to peace, to centre. 
Each practice will hold an element of meditation & we will also offer solely meditation practices to connect you to this space if you would like.

This may be ocean meditations, sunrise/sunset, moon or walking meditations.

'To realise the Self is to be still'

~ Ramana Maharshi



Ceremony & ritual is a integral part of what we offer, both in classes & on retreats in our light filled studio.
A beautiful way to come together in candle lit circle, honouring where we are & diving deep into our subconscious.
This may connect to the  Full or New Moon (timing dependent) & include releasing dance, pranayama, conscious enquiry, journaling, oracle cards, grounding or future self meditations, cacao & healing songs. We'll go with the flow of the group & there will be an element of Ceremony training included in the 200hr YTT.

To bring ritual & ceremony into our practice & into our life is the celebration of life, a deep grounding practice to ourselves, knowing we are part of a greater whole. A deep surrender in grace.


cacao ceremony pic 2.jpg

Cacao gives the opportunity to tune into the beauty of your own heart, 
Cacao can give access to stuck emotions, clearing & tuning deeper to our inner truth. 

A powerful Plant Medicine that helps us to release emotional blockages, find forgiveness, love and may give insights of our future path.
Cacao is known for its many health benefits & also contains anandamide, the 'bliss molecule'.

You may experience Cacao if part of a Moon Ceremony or Cacao ceremony.


image Carole.jpeg

Breathwork is an active healing breathing practice held to music.

The session invites you into an altered state of consciousness to release blocked emotions, stress and supports the body to clear toxins. A powerful experience offering profound shifts to encourage clarity, relaxation & a deep sense of Bliss.

You will have the opportunity to experience this practice as part of your YTT.



Ayurveda is the 5000 year old holistic healing system of the East. Ayurveda meaning life science is considered to be the Sister science of Yoga. Ayurveda aims to bring balance back to the system to prevent & treat imbalance, illness & disease, treating you as a holistic individual.

A natural therapy of lifestyle changes, diet alterations, herbs, Ayurvedic massage & marma point therapy, hot poultice & steam room are able to treat many health problems.

Marco, Yogi & practitioner, consultant of Ayurveda, gives consultations & therapies to bring you back to balance & health as part of our Transformational TT
Consultation included & treatment possible.

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How to reserve in 3 steps

1. Email or message us

2. Transfer your deposit

3. Complete our application form


& look forward to start your Transformational Yoga journey with us in beautiful Portugal.


How do I get to you  around?

You are very welcome to hire a car & see more of the beautiful Algarve. 

Should you need a transfer from Faro airport, please ask & we can pass on our trusty airport drivers details. 
Currently a one way trip to Faro airport is 80 Euro ~ this can be divided if you share the ride. 
Should we be free & have transport, it may be possible for one of us to collect you/drop you off

at a cost that simply covers our costs or fuel & toll, but this cannot be guaranteed. 

There will also be the option of a collection from Lagos which you can reach by bus or train.

Once you arrive, there are options of catching a local bus or a taxi also.
We are also walking distance to 2 villages & beaches, local cafes & there are some beautiful cliff top walks. 

What can I do outside of the training?

We are so blessed to live in the most amazing location where there are so many
opportunities to experience a range of offerings. 
Locally there are often ecstatic dances, sound sessions & satsang.

There are beautiful beaches to swim & 3 swimming pools at the Quinta. 
We also have a tennis court on site & have rackets should you wish to play. 

There are opportunities of Kayaking, Surf or Stand Up Paddle locally (season dependent)

There is so much on offer, yet we are nestled in a quiet location deeply connected to nature!



What's included?

  • Meals Included, Brunch & Dinner, Tea, Water & Healthy snacks, Vegetarian & Ayurveda friendly.

  • Shared Accommodation will be twin (singles available, please ask for prices)

  • Extensive Manual International Teaching Certification accredited by YAI 2 Primary instructors, an Ayurveda Practitioner and the opportunity to experience sessions with other practitioners in a diverse range of additional practices

  • Tennis & swimming pools

  • Bicycle hire possible (to share between the group)


  • What's not included?
    Transfer from Faro Airport, although this can be arranged for 80 Euro per transfer
    Any visa required to enter Portugal
    Excursions, taxi's & any chosen additional activities
    Meals & drinks chosen to eat out of the YTT

Please read our terms & conditions prior to booking. ​

studio pic.jpeg

Need more convincing?

Read some of what the Yogi's of 2018, 2019 & 2022 said at the end of their time with us -

'I am at the airport full of salt & sand..and taking so many beautiful memories of this week with me, it's been a really special time.

Thank you so much for everything xx'

'So much more than what I expected. Everything was so carefully thought out from
adventure to meditation - A joy!' 

'100+ - Beautiful, relaxing. Leaving feeling refreshed.

Great new friends made & enjoyed many new experiences.
Thank you - life changing'​​

Joanne small-46.jpg

Would you like to train to become a YAI certified Transformational Yoga Teacher with two master Transformational Yoga Teachers, trained under the direct teachings of Swami Vidyanand in India, as well as an Ayurveda Practitioner, all in the beautiful setting of the Algarve, Southern Portugal?

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