Yoga started gently whispering to me in my early 20's & has been a part of my life since.
Sometimes it was the physical calling, sometimes the need for some quiet 'me time' & it was in my mid 30's that Yoga became more of a shout than a whisper.
I was unsatisfied with my work in the fashion industry, stressed from self employment & not recognising who I was. 
My health was being compromised & I wasn't sure what direction to turn. It was then I read a quote (by Rebecca Campbell) which said

'Follow what lights you up'

I knew my light was Yoga so I started following..and the more I followed, the more I was lighting up.

Yoga became my grounding, my strength & the way back to myself. 

So my Yoga journey deepened & I knew I had found my calling & the source of my light.

My initial 200hr training was in Athens under the guidance of Michelle Kaminski (The Director of Yoga Alliance Europe) in the beautiful style of Transformational Yoga (which had drew me to it with its influence of Hatha, Kundalini & Raj Yoga).

A year later & I knew I wanted to deepen my teaching & train direct with the source & creator of this beautiful style & so began my love affair with India & my connection with my teacher - Sri Swami Vidyanand

I trained directly under his guidance at the SriMa School in the South of India first as a 'Master' of Transformational Yoga & Meditation & later as 'Grand Master' - Yoga Alliance International.

Swamiji is the creator of this beautiful style which stems from Integral Yoga. Integrating the body, mind & spirit to find our true centre & connection with our highest self - Encouraging the transformation to our best self & the 'Transform to Bliss'

I have trained in India for the last 3 years & my practice, as my teaching, is greatly influenced by Sri Aurobindo, The Mother, Osho & in 2019 having experienced life in the Ramana Ashram of Tiruvanamalai - Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharishi.

My qualifications are - 

Grand Master of Transformational Meditation

Transformational Yoga Master - 500hr

Transformational Hatha Yoga Teacher 200hr

Classical Hatha - Vinyasa Yoga & Meditation - 100hr

Anatomy CPD - 27.5hr

Transformational Meditation 100hr

Reiki 1st & 2nd Degree (as a reiki practioner I can't help but spread the love & healing during my teachings)
Feb 2020 - Level 1 & 2 EFT (Tapping)

I teach in the York area with a variety of classes, weekend workshops & mini Yorkshire rural retreats

To offer a deeper practice of this beautiful style, I also run yearly European retreats with my Transformational team in Andalucia & Tuscany.

I love & live Yoga & a day off the mat is like a day not brushing my teeth.

Yoga is my way to connect deeply with myself, with others &  the world around me.


"I thoroughly enjoy coming to your classes & I always leave feeling fresher & calmer.
Regular Yoga practice has had a huge benefit to my life & wellbeing - Thank you Jo."
- Jane

I found this photograph in my Grandma's house after she passed,
This is me sitting on her fireplace in the 80's - already a yogi!

2019 Joanne Merlini - Transformational Yoga