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Anando Hum ~ I am Bliss

Welcome to Transform to Bliss' dedicated page where we proudly introduce you to our exceptional teachers & facilitators. 

Our teachers bring a wealth of experience, qualifications & passion to your journey.

Holding you in love, in support & with a connection to the ancient teachings & lineages. 


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Our Facilitators
All our teachers are very experienced facilitators & bring their unique offerings to Transform to Bliss.

Our Teachers

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Joanne Merlini / Jitendra Mayee
Owner of Transform to Bliss. English
Transformational Yoga, Raja Yoga,

Yoga Nidra, Ceremony, Reiki​

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Breath work
Belgian ~ Holds space in English.


Gracious Hatha Flow
Dutch ~ Teaches in English.


Cacao & Dance.
Colombian ~ Holds space in English.

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Yin Yoga
German ~ Teaches in English.


Kirtan Group
Anna, Johnny & JB
German, Portuguese & French.

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