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Transform to Bliss

Your Privacy

The information you share with me before, during & after our classes, I consider to be confidential.

This includes what we talk about, what we experience & the personal details you share with me about your health & contact details.
Your contact details are held so I can contact you about class times & cancellations (this may be by phone or email or newsletter). You have the option to opt out of my newsletter at any time, although this is primarily the platform that will keep you updated about class times. 

Your basic health details enable me to tailor my classes so they are suitable for you & to enable me to consider any contraindications of postures/pranayama.

Your name on our class attendance list is required by Balens, my insurers & to be kept for 6 years.

I am the only one who has access to this information & your written health & contact form is kept securely.

I have a lawful obligation (both for tax & insurance purposes) to hold your data for 6 years after your last class/workshop/retreat (this may be up to 7 dependent on the financial year).  


If you contact me via social media, the message will be archived on the social media platform used unless you request it to be deleted. This will never be shared.


Both my telephone & laptop are security protected. Interaction by these methods will only be seen by me.

Should you wish to see the details I have on file for you, please email me -

Jo xx

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