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MONTHLY CEREMONIES, WORKSHOPS & CONSCIOUS EVENTS, held between Burgau/Luz, The Algarve,Portugal

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Upcoming Events

Join us this month, time for you, for self love, for deeper connection..


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over the New Moon

Thursday June 6th (6/6) I 18-20:30h


Activation of the Divine Feminine Mysteries through the vessel of water & sacred ritual.

Join us in ceremony on the 6/6 portal as we welcome in the waters.

You'll be held by 2 facilitators, on the shores of the ocean, journeying with Blue lotus tea. 

(minutes from Transform to Bliss, location revealed on booking)

Let's come together in sacred circle, as we flow, share & invite in the waters & the Divine Feminine.

What may happen as we gather in circle..

  • Drumming to land & release

  • Movement & dance

  • Blue Lotus journey

  • Anointing

  • Blessings of the water

  • Rose Meditation

  • Rose Card pulls

  • Light body activation

  • Ocean cleanse (optional) ​

Spaces limited for a deeper connection


18 - 20:30

Exchange is 25 euro & includes Blue lotus tea
Let's gather in sacred circle, in the elements, in our Feminine - Joanne (Guardian of TTB & Jaden)

Stonehenge at Sunset


4 Element Connection

Thursday 20th June 
18 - 21:00

Welcome to the Longest Day of the Year!

Celebrate this powerful day of the year in sacred ceremony honouring the four elements: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water.

Experience a deep connection to nature and your inner nature as we come together outdoors (location revealed on booking), in ceremony, supported by Medicina cacao.

Aligning with the powerful energies of the solstice, honouring Pachamama & the ancient ritual of Solstice gathering. 

  •  Earth Connection
    Grounding Earth Connection. Barefoot rooting yourself in the present moment whilst the drums take you into the body & to the 4 directions. Creating a dispacho from natural materials to give gratitude & invite in our intentions (a beautiful honouring I received in Peru)

  • Air Connection 
    Feel the freedom of the Air element, your breath, your spirit, your heart. Pranayama, dancing, Cacao, opening the voice.

  •  Fire Connection
    Gather around an alter 'Fire' to honor the transformative power of Fire.
    Releasing what no longer serves to feel the warmth and energy of the Sol-Stice light as we celebrate renewal.


  •  Water Connection
    Cleansing ritual & water blessing, offering our wishes to the water.

  •  Elemental Integration Ceremony
    Uniting the energies of the four elements in a closing integration ceremony. 

May also include - Oracle cards, astrology, light language transmission & Reiki.. we'll see where this beautiful energy leads us. 
Location within 15mins of Praia da Luz (we can car share also)

Exchange is 30 euro & includes Peruvian Cacao. 
Let's connect & gather during the Summer Solstice!

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Kundalini Activation Evening Session

Friday June 28th

by Inês Martins  

From 18:30h - 20:30h

€50 (PT & English) 


Everyone is welcome to attend, no experience necessary! You will be asked to lay down in the mat, close your eyes and relax.


KAP is a transmission of energy which activates your kundalini/ Vital energy in the body.

It’s a natural process, it won’t chock your body, and it’s safe. It will only give you what you need at the present moment. Receiving this energy allows us to connect deeper with our true selfs, our intuition gets stronger, more mental clarity, decisions become easier. It is an experience to be lived, not to be understood by the mind. 


Benefits of regular KAP:

• Feeling deeply rejuvenated, renewed, lighter and connected 

• Mental clarity & lightness about important life decisions

• Emotional & mental breakthroughs

• Heightened creativity & insights received during each class

• Release of energetic blocks (physical, mental, emotional)

• Connection to Oneness and tapping into the non-dual field, the quantum field of all possibilities

• Deep rewiring and heart - brain coherence

• Conscious & empowered choices in your life, aligned with your Soul

• Awakened intuition & inspired insights into your personal growth & wellbeing

• In love with life & with oneself


Must reserve • WhatsApp +1 3059160977


Learn more about Inês Martins work on IG @inesmartinsdesign

Lena June .JPG

Discover Your Breath
An Introduction to Transformational Breath 

Sunday June 30th

From 16:00h - 19:00h


How we breathe reflects how we live our lives.
Just as we all have unique fingerprints, we each have our own breath pattern based on our
life experiences, fears, hopes and physical imprints.


Facilitated breathwork provides a safe container to release and explore the wisdom of your breath as well as
giving you a tool to help with anything from anxiety to physical pain or trauma integration.


Developed by Judith Kravitz, Transformational Breath® is a form of integrative breathwork which uses conscious connected breathing, toning, hands-on facilitation and movement to facilitate change on multiple levels. Physically, we open up the mechanics of the breath, addressing any long-held tension, which helps us to release emotional patterns stored in our bodies as well as creating an altered state of consciousness through which deeper experiences of integration can arise.


This introductory workshop includes diaphragmatic breathing exercises, a breath analysis demonstration, a breath dance and a full facilitated Transformational Breath session with 60 minutes of full, open, conscious connected diaphragmatic breathing. 


We will end with some original live songs as we integrate the session.


Investment: €25-45 sliding scale.



About Lena 


As an E-RYT500 yoga facilitator and trainer, Lena has been teaching Ashtanga, Rocket and Yin Yoga for almost ten years. She is a certified Transformational Breath Facilitator and Group Leader as well as a singer-songwriter and has a background in History and Theatre Studies. 


Based in Tavira, Portugal, she has released four singles and is currently recording her first full-length album of songs written over the course of about four years, titled Ways of the Dreamer, with a planned release for late 2024 or early 2025.


Lena's vision is to weave voice, breath and movement together, inviting us all to dream and breathe a little deeper as we find a sense of connection, joy and peace, and rediscover our inner child.


But don't just take my word for it, here are some of the beautiful messages I have received after Ceremonies & workshops..

"Woken up with sooo much energy & positivity & a zesty feelings that I can't remember feeling for...
Who knows how long. Wow, thank you sooo much for last night, beautiful beyond words!"
~ C

"Jo you have a lovely energy. It was so restorative & relaxing. I felt really held"

~ M


"Thank you so much for the love, energy & light you radiate, not to mention your wisdom & all the offerings.. I was so uplifted by the whole evening."

~ L

"I really enjoyed my first workshop. It felt a sensory experience with the lights, music & essential oils. I found it really beautiful. Thank you."

~ S

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