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MONTHLY CEREMONIES, WORKSHOPS & CONSCIOUS EVENTS, held between Burgau/Luz, The Algarve,Portugal

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Upcoming Events

Join us this month, time for you, for self love, for deeper connection..


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New Moon Ceremony

in Cancer

Friday July 5th I 19-21:30h


Under the darkness of the New Moon, we will plant our seeds for the coming lunar cycle, coming together in circle &
connecting to the planetary energies of this moment. 
As we journey with the watery energies of the Cancerian Moon, the natural ruler of Cancer, we'll be flowing with our feminine &

connecting to 'The Mother' archetype. Tuning into where & how we feel 'at home' & connecting to the original Mother Gaia.

What we may experience as we gather in circle..

  • New Moon Meditation

  • Drumming Circle & 4 Direction practice

  • Element Connections

  • Cleansing & purification rituals

  • Moon honouring Mantra

  • Cacao from Peru to take us deeper

  • Universal Card Messages

  • Conscious Journaling

  • Intuitive movement.

  • EFT, Reiki & Healing practices

  • Pranayama 

  • Beautiful medicine music

  • & always.. love

Spaces limited for a deeper connection

19 - 21:30


Exchange is 30 euro includes Cacao & after ceremony grounding bliss snack.
There is always a space for a sister who doesn't have the financial means & would like to exchange in an alternative way.

Let's come together & open this cycle together.



Friday July 12th

19:30h - 21:00h



 Friday evening sunset Yoga Nidra session in candle light. 

 Yoga Nidra is a powerful relaxation technique that can help you release tension and stress from your body, calm emotions, and quiet your mind, the perfect way to close your week & begin your weekend.
Yoga Nidra (meaning Yogic sleep), gives the opportunity for experiencing improved sleep, reduced anxiety, and increased overall well-being.

Join Joanne for this rejuvenating practice and experience the benefits of deep rest. 
Includes some pranayama, gentle movements & then a guided Yoga Nidra under blankets, eye pillows & cocooned in our candle lit studio. Coming together with tea to close. 

Spaces limited. 
Message to reserve

ines June.jpg

Kundalini Activation Evening Session

Friday July 19th

by Inês Martins  

From 18:00h - 20:00h

€50 (PT & English) 


Everyone is welcome to attend, no experience necessary! You will be asked to lay down in the mat, close your eyes and relax.


KAP is a transmission of energy which activates your kundalini/ Vital energy in the body.

It’s a natural process, it won’t chock your body, and it’s safe. It will only give you what you need at the present moment. Receiving this energy allows us to connect deeper with our true selfs, our intuition gets stronger, more mental clarity, decisions become easier. It is an experience to be lived, not to be understood by the mind. 


Benefits of regular KAP:

• Feeling deeply rejuvenated, renewed, lighter and connected 

• Mental clarity & lightness about important life decisions

• Emotional & mental breakthroughs

• Heightened creativity & insights received during each class

• Release of energetic blocks (physical, mental, emotional)

• Connection to Oneness and tapping into the non-dual field, the quantum field of all possibilities

• Deep rewiring and heart - brain coherence

• Conscious & empowered choices in your life, aligned with your Soul

• Awakened intuition & inspired insights into your personal growth & wellbeing

• In love with life & with oneself


Must reserve • WhatsApp +1 3059160977


Learn more about Inês Martins work on IG @inesmartinsdesign


But don't just take my word for it, here are some of the beautiful messages I have received after Ceremonies & workshops..

"Woken up with sooo much energy & positivity & a zesty feelings that I can't remember feeling for...
Who knows how long. Wow, thank you sooo much for last night, beautiful beyond words!"
~ C

"Jo you have a lovely energy. It was so restorative & relaxing. I felt really held"

~ M


"Thank you so much for the love, energy & light you radiate, not to mention your wisdom & all the offerings.. I was so uplifted by the whole evening."

~ L

"I really enjoyed my first workshop. It felt a sensory experience with the lights, music & essential oils. I found it really beautiful. Thank you."

~ S

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