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MONTHLY CEREMONIES, WORKSHOPS & CONSCIOUS EVENTS, held between Burgau/Luz, The Algarve,Portugal

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Upcoming Events

Join us this month, time for you, for self love, for deeper connection..

Irene March event.jpeg

Northern ceremony of magic, mysticism and rituals
Friday March 1st  I  18-20:00  

Explore the enchanting world of Nordic mythology and rituals in this journey of magic, folklore, and mysticism, guided by the wisdom of the North. Join us as we weave together storytelling, music, dance, rituals, and the healing powers of plant medicine. 


Experience the power of tradition and the magic of the old ways as we gather to honour the mysticism that lies within us all.


What awaits you


Storytelling & folklore: Immerse yourself in the captivating nordic mythology and folklore, and let the stories ignite your imagination and awaken your spirit to the mysteries of the North.


Plant Medicine and Herbal wisdom: Journey into the heart of the forest with the aid of sacred plant allies, as we sip on herbal teas infused with the healing energies of the earth. Allow the natural wisdom of the plants to guide you towards clarity and inner peace.


Dance & movement: Let go of inhibitions and embrace the freedom of expression. Feel the pulse of the earth beneath your feet as we move in harmony with the rhythms of nature, calling upon the spirits of the forest to guide us on our journey of self-discovery.


Music: Let the sounds and melodies of the north transport you to realms of imagination and wonder, where the boundaries between myth and reality blur and the tales of old come to life before your eyes. 


Mystical Meditation & grounding: Journey deep into the heart of the forest in a guided meditation that transcends time and space, where earthly and spiritual realms intertwine, offering clarity and insight. 


This event is your invitation to immerse yourself in the magic and mystery of Nordic folklore, where ancient wisdom meets modern spirituality in a celebration of the human spirit. 


Contribution 30€

Limited space. Reservation needed. Book on whatsapp +46 73 561 4523 

or email


with Joanne

Sunday 24th February


Harness the energy of the Libra Full Moon
a time to journey into our hearts & our breath as we connect to the Air element, calling in balance between how much we give,

how open we are to receive & our relationship to the self.
Connecting deeply to ourselves, to nature & to our true nature.

Taking this moment to close the cycle, invite in the light, celebrate & release.

What to expect as we gather in circle

  • Full Moon Meditation

  • Drumming Circle & 4 Direction connection/guidance

  • Moon honouring Mantra

  • Cacao, heart medicine, to connect us deeper (optional)

  • Universal Card Messages

  • Conscious Journaling

  • Individual readings of how to personally harness the energy

  • Releasing heart movement magick

  • Pranayam, breath expansion & tapping to heart open

  • Beautiful medicine music

  • Resting to receive in loving energy & reiki

Spaces limited for a deeper connection


19 - 21:30

Exchange is 30 euro includes Cacao or a Herbal tea (your choice), after ceremony grounding bliss ball.​

Let's come together & celebrate under the next Full Moon.

Ines March.jpeg

Kundalini Activation 

with Inês Martins

Sunday March 3rd @ 4pm 
(Português & English)



KAP is a transmission of energy which activates your kundalini/ Vital energy in the body. Combined with Cacao medicine from Peru, used in ancients ceremonies, known to open the heart chakra, creating a great combination of pure expansion! 

The process of transmission is very powerful yet safe for body systems. The intelligent energy that is being amplified and transmitted during the process works naturally with physical and energetic bodies and brings conscious expansion and physical healing to the participant.

Why attend to KAP?
Activated Kundalini have a profound impact on your well being and bring you back to your center, your essence.

After KAP classes people report:
• deep realizations and insights
• strengthened intuition
• trauma release
• release of emotional blockages
• mental clarity
• a feel of soul’s mission/life’s purpose
• more grounded
• heightened creativity
• deeper connection w/ self & others
• experience of non-duality

During & after session you always stay present, grounded, connected to your body,  fully conscious.
The participants are asked to lay down with eyes closed all sessions and to fully surrender to the process.

Reservation only • WhatsApp +1 3059160977

Learn more about Inês Martins work on IG @inesmartinsdesign

New Moon Image.png

by Joanne

Monday 11-3-2024

Under the darkness of the New Moon, we plant the seed for the cycle, we come together in circle &
we connect to the watery energies of the Piscean New Moon. 

The spiritual Piscean energy reminds us to be in our flow, to dream & to harness these energies for a new cycle. 

Observing what needs to shed, to become.

What to expect as we gather in circle

  • New Moon Meditation

  • Drumming Circle & 4 Direction practice

  • Cleansing & purification rituals

  • Moon honouring Mantra

  • Purification Star Child Herbal Blend Tea

  • Universal Card Messages

  • Conscious Journaling

  • An honouring of the Water element with sacral flows & intuitive movement.

  • Dreaming & intuition enhancement practices

  • Pranayama 

  • Beautiful medicine music

  • Reiki & always.. love

Spaces limited for a deeper connection

19 - 21:30


Exchange is 30 euro includes Magical Tea & after ceremony grounding bliss snack.
There is always a space for a sister who doesn't have the financial means & would like to exchange in an alternative way.

Let's come together & open this cycle together.

Held with Joanne, the guardian of TTB, please make your reservation by email below..

Francesca workshop.JPG

by Francesca

Thursday 29th February I 17-19:00



Discover the world of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy connected with Chinese Medicine which will teach you how to heal from within and support your system depending on different season and its main energy and element.   Classical Chinese Medicine recognizes five seasons. Each season is related to a specific element, specific bodily organs as well as specific emotions. Each season also presents characteristic challenges to our health and psychospiritual wellness.

An understanding of seasonal challenges can help us maintain wellness throughout the year with the support of Essential Oils and aromatherapy.   


You will learn -  Principle of Chinese Medicine (energy, seasons, elements and related organs to be supported)         

Essential Oils ( Families, different types of use, personal blends …)   

Special Tips


You will receive a booklet with all the contents as well as a personalized blend.


held by Savitri Francesca 

instagram @lamaletti

Spring Equinox flyer 2.png


Women's Ceremonial Circle
by Joanne

Thursday 21-3-2024

Coming together in sacred circle to connect to other women, deeply to ourselves & witnessing the reflection

of ourselves in another. 

A practice deep in our blood, the rituals of our ancestors. 
As we come together over the Spring Equinox, the stepping in to the light, the Spring,

we'll be embracing our light & the light of our Sisters in circle.

What to expect as we gather in circle

  • Meditations as we plant seeds for our Spring

  • Cleansing & purification rituals

  • Sharing & connection

  • Purification Star Child Herbal Blend Tea

  • Universal Card Messages

  • Heart Connections

  • Free flowing conscious movement

  • Laughter, tears, joy, all the feels.. Reel & raw

  • Beautiful medicine music

  • Reiki & deeply being held in love..

Spaces limited for a deeper connection

18:30 - 20:30


Exchange is 22 euro & includes Magical Tea 

Held with Joanne, the guardian of TTB, please make your reservation by email below..

Jorg image.jpeg

Archangel Healing Transmission & Sacred Cacao Ceremony
by Jorg

Thursday 14-3-2024

18 - 21:00
€22 - €44

Wishing to connect deeper with your Soul essence?

Feeling blockages in your life & looking for healing, inner acceptance & self love, connecting deeper
to your Souls essence & path on Earth?

This event will focus on clearing any conscious or unconscious blockages in your energy field and body

to step deeper into your truth and Souls Mission here on earth. 

The events includes

  • Archangel Energy Group Healing Transmission + Yoga Nidra Elements

  • Sacred Cacao to open the space even more deeply in the heart

  • A little sharing (Intention for Life right now/maybe specific healing wish) 

  • Powerful ancient Icaro sound & channeled light language for connection to your divinity & eternal soul. 

The event will be a powerful Energy transmission to feel a difference in your unique Circumstance+Intention.
Held by Jorg, a Shamanic Energy guide, trained for 3 years in the jungles of Columbia, Peru & in Mallorca & Somatic guide.

Instagram: _unseen_worlds
Spotify: UnseenWorlds

Registration required due to limited Spaces & Cacao 
Either email below or +49 15734689915
Sliding scale 22-44€


But don't just take my word for it, here are some of the beautiful messages I have received after Ceremonies & workshops..

"Woken up with sooo much energy & positivity & a zesty feelings that I can't remember feeling for...
Who knows how long. Wow, thank you sooo much for last night, beautiful beyond words!"
~ C

"Jo you have a lovely energy. It was so restorative & relaxing. I felt really held"

~ M


"Thank you so much for the love, energy & light you radiate, not to mention your wisdom & all the offerings.. I was so uplifted by the whole evening."

~ L

"I really enjoyed my first workshop. It felt a sensory experience with the lights, music & essential oils. I found it really beautiful. Thank you."

~ S

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