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At Transform to Bliss, we offer practices, classes & workshops to bring you to your center, to your born state of 'Bliss', Ananda.


With a holistic approach to yoga, we will work on many of the different aspects of the yoga practice, giving crucial importance to the breath and how it interacts with our mind and our body.

The classes will normally include (or not) mantras, pranayama and asanas, all with a well deserved savasana at the end.

The goal is to provide you with a balanced, grounded and holistic class.


This classes are open to all levels, there will options when needed so everyone can make the most of their practice yet always taking care of our well being.


Classes will be arranged to gently warm up the body, to switch off the monkey mind and to make you feel good and relaxed after them.

Classes could be similar, or different depending on the day.

Deeper pranayama classes could be also an option on specific occasions.


Each class will be 90 minutes long. Please avoid eating 2 to 3 hours before the class.



Yoga Teacher Training in Hatha Yoga (Bali)

Advance Yoga Training (India)

Sivananda Yoga TTC refresher (France)

Yoga Psychology Program (India)

Yoga Therapy Training (India)

Training in Thai Yoga Massage (Greece)


90 minutes, €15 



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Meet Ariel

I was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, I had a career as a Graphic Designer that took me to many big cities around the world, always interested in the language and culture of each and every country. Practicing many sports since childhood, I looked to balance that out with the expression and creativity of many years of contemporary dance. Curious by nature, later on started another search, this time within myself, and took on yoga and Thai yoga massage as tools to manifest my personal growth. 

Sharing all this experience it is another step on this never-ending journey.

Contact Ariel

Contact Ariel for more information

(English, Portuguese, Spanish, French)

+351 913 807 538

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