This is a beautiful system that encourages an opening & awareness in our physical body, whilst subtly helping our mind & emotions to be calm & present.

We use Asana (classical postures) for the physical releasing, pranayama (breath control) to work on many levels, releasing, energising, calming - whatever it is we need in that moment.
There will also be elements of meditation & mindfulness, maybe a little mantra (never compulsory), encouragement, support, maybe some fun & always a long savasana!

Open to all abilities.


"The Classes of Jo are truly an amazing experience! She explains all postures with an in depth knowledge & in a kind & fun way, with lots of patience. She teaches with an open heart & mind & she's so dedicated that she really inspired me. Afterwards I left not only relaxed, but also happy, grateful & much more positive. "
- Ann

"Jo has a natural & fun-loving approach to classes. She gently guides through postures, breathing & other aspects of Yoga, leaving me feeling relaxed & uplifted which lasts long after class!"

- Kasia

2019 Joanne Merlini - Transformational Yoga