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At Transform to Bliss, we offer practices, classes & workshops to bring you to your center, to your born state of 'Bliss', Ananda.


One of our offerings is Transformational Breathwork, a healing breathing practice held to music. By using a circular breathing pattern, individuals can release emotional, mental, and physical blockages that prevent them from tapping into their innate capacity for peace and bliss. It's a profound experience that leaves people feeling relaxed, inspired, and/or energized.


Maaike offers both private and group sessions to accommodate different needs and preferences. Next to the breathwork, she also uses meditation, visualization, and other practices, depending on the theme or needs that arise.



120 minutes, €25 A supportive environment where all backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives are welcome. Breathwork is a personal practice, but a group setting often provides different insights & energy.



Wednesdays 8h30 - 10h30
Sundays 18h00 - 20h00



90 minutes, €90

These sessions are customized to your unique needs. You can bring a topic, struggle, or desire that’s present for you, and Maaike will adjust the session to it. Of course, you are also welcome without a clear intention. Curiosity or a need for relaxation can be enough!


It’s also possible to plan a private class for more than one person.
Please reach out for pricing and details.


Message Maaike to reserve your spot or plan your session:

WhatsApp and Telegram: +32 487 46 53 58

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Meet Maaike

breathwork facilitator and NLP coach, with a scientific background in education & communication.


She specializes in helping people release emotional blockages and achieve personal growth through working with the subconscious.


On her own journey to “get out of her controlling, perfectionist mind”, she discovered and fell in love with breathwork. It is the tool that keeps bringing her back to playfulness, presence, and bliss. Now, she combines her breathwork ceremonies with coaching, meditations, visualizations, embodiment practices, and more … depending on the needs of each individual or class.


After years of running transformative online programs for both groups and individuals, she now focuses on in-person work in the Algarve. Here, she offers breathwork classes and personal transformation sessions (or trajectories).


Whether you're looking to reduce stress, get clarity on your direction in life, improve your relationships, or simply find more inner peace; this type of deep inner work can be a powerful step in your process.


Contact Maaike to arrange your consultation or treatment

+32 487 46 53 58

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